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As an artist I love to experiment with a range of different styles and mediums and I always strive to stretch myself. I mainly work with oils, pastels and metallic acrylics and in all of my work I try to capture form and texture, often through the use of unconventional methods…

Art has always played a significant part in my life, and I have been a practising artist for over 30 years. Most of my skills have been largely self-taught – but also gained through amazing teachers at art classes I have attended. My portfolio of work is ever expanding – both through my own experimentations as well as a number of private commissions.

Constantly inspired by the natural world, I am lucky enough to live just a stone’s throw from the ancient countryside of North Worcestershire. Landscapes and sunsets often feature in my work, as do the unspoilt seascapes of favourite coastal destinations across the country. 

Currently I am working on a number of textural abstract and semi-abstract projects on large canvases using a combination of palette knives and surprisingly, polyfilla to achieve a 3D sculpted effect – many of which were inspired by a recent holiday to the Scottish Highlands.

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